Saturday, January 23, 2010

"I'm 'so' done with these, thanks."

Just for the record, here are four subjects for stories of which I am sick to death:

Post Apocalyptic Vampires

Zombies Nazis

You can all go ahead and continue liking them of course, but I for one have had my fill of them.

So I guess the best way to annoy me would be a tale of Vampire Zombie Nazis in the aftermath of a nuclear war (which caused the zombism and awoke the vampires, presumably.)

(Quite an interesting use of the Swastika. I'm hoping they are from the era before the symbol had been chnaged into its present iconography.)


Anon said...

I hope you're right about the swastikas but they look like the Nazi type to me, rather than the religious "good luck" type....

And I know what you mean about being "done" with those topics. The only justification for them anymore is if you're doing a unique take on them that serves as its own raison d'etre for repeating an already-popular formula.

By the way, I think this post deserves a "mirror image" post listing topics you feel haven't been done ENOUGH, too. I know one thing on my list would be the post-Civil War Reconstruction era (meaning NOT the war itself, that's another example of something that's been "done to death).

Peter said...

Well, it's not so much that they have been done to death.

Just that I, personally, cannot stand them anymore. ;)

I'll agree that to do them one should have a good spin on it, so to speak... but then, that's not always the case because for some, these subjects will never be tiresome (even if they're the same ol' thing.)

After all, there's bound to be those for whom Peter Pan is nothing but an irritation.

As for what I'd like to see more of... GOOD question. Don't know that I have any kind of answer for you. Oh, wait, yes, I do... but you see, all this does is prove the point I've just made. I'm a "sucker" for a 'time travel' story. But that's been done to death, too, it would seem.

So, yes, a unqiue version of a hackneyed plot might generally be welcomed,but for some, there's just no way they'll sit through another one of a dreaded subject.

The four I mentioned just happen to be my pet peeves.

Anon said...

After over two years, I've decided to comment on this again. Of those four, I think that I COULD stand something with vampires



they went back to their roots, like in Dracula. Dracula was GOOD vampire literature. Now they've even ruined that, with "Bram Stoker's Dracula", emphasis on the quotation marks, as it's anything but.

I might have also included Nazis, but those are real, so there's a gray area there.

Peter Von Brown said...

I believe a "back to roots" of the infamous Dracula is on the way.

Nazis are too easy. Like the Freemasons, they're a good scapegoat. I just am personally worn thin on them.

Anon said...

I HOPE so, because he deserves that after all this nonsense of making vampires sympathetic romantic leads. >>>.<<<

And you're right--the reason why I MIGHT have included them if they weren't real is because I'm a little familiar with what Nazism actually teaches and why, so that it's somewhat more complex than we usually think.