Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Yes, yes, I know. I need to stop getting so worked up over what’s brewing in Hollywood. I would, I Reallywood, if they’d stop giving me stuff to rant about. It’s just ludicrous.

Back in this post, I (I’ll say it) bitched about their remaking of The Amityville Horror so soon.
As in about 5 or 6 years after the first remake. Seriously?

Okay, when I first heard the term “reboot” applied to moviemaking, I did think it had appeal and merit. Taking a long running series that ran itself into the ground, so to speak, and starting fresh.

Now, however, they are rebooting Spider-Man. Oh sure, I couldn’t even sit through that last one they tried to pass off as a movie, and the second had its muck ups, and even though I loved the first one I had a few issues on which I had to look the other way…

But a “reboot” so SOON? Why not let it die down first? Let US have a fresh take on it, too, with the first set out of our minds before re-presenting it? (Out of our minds - that’s about right.) And it’s entirely new - cast, crew, director, etc.

All this is said with my current disdain and growing intolerance for superhero flicks aside. If it had been any recent franchise rebooted so soon I’d still be exasperated.

Good gravy.

(Just for the record, I did eventually watch Iron Man, even after my “sick of superheroes” stance. And I have to say - I did love it. I do not have a single bad thing to say about that film. Executed beautifully.)

(And no, they're not going with Spider-Ham... I just felt it deserved it.)


Mel said...

Here's the thing I find ludicrous about the Spider Man reboot (and I do find it ludicrous): They were planning on putting out a fourth movie with Raimi and Maguire in 2011 and THEN rebooting the series in 2012. How do you PLAN for a reboot before the boot is even off the foot??

Peter said...

OH MY. I didn't hear that bit of "intell!" Thanks for sharing it.

I did know that at one time Raimi/Maguire Spidey 4,5 and 6 HAD been planned... but trouble over who the villains (and how many) would be in them kept them in production hell.

Mel said...

Yup -- they were essentially working on Spidey 4 AND Spidey Reboot at the same time. http://hollywoodinsider.ew.com/2010/01/11/spider-man-reboot/

(My verification word is "grackedi." For some reason, that makes me giggle. Grackedi!)

Peter said...

Jeepers - I went and read it.
One of the comments mentioned The Incredible Hulk (and I stopped after that comment.)

I forgot about Hulk. But then again, that's understandable. Another film I couldn't sit through. Well, at least the general consensus had been to reboot that... and as I recall, the second "go at it," well, really didn't go anywhere.

I'm ready to REBOOT the reboot.
[POLOOM] - The new 'reboot' term?
("Hollywood plans to poloom the H...")