Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another Great Turned the Final Page...

Farewell to another legend.

Love it or hate it, one cannot deny the power of arguably his most famous novel, The Catcher in the Rye. I, for one, loved it. For each of the many levels it represents. I've identified with Holden, I've chastised Holden and I've been moved by Holden Caulfield.
In fact, I even have character Jeremy Strache read the book as a school assignment in my novel What If It's a Trick Question? (Not willy-nilly, of course... there are some parallels between the two stories.)

Of course that's not all that J.D. Salinger is known for... and his body of work will continue to be enjoyed beyond his passing.

I also should say I admire him having been "reclusive." It's a testament to his words and craft to be able to stand on their own without "major appearances" as per the trend in these times.

Thank you, sir, for bringing a great amount of dignity to a noble profession.
You will be missed, rest in peace.

P.S. - Do you now know where the ducks go?

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