Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Remakery Horror

Okay, if you've been reading my posts,
you know that I "so" have a "thing" about movie remakes.

Short version: It's out of hand. Few and far between are movie remakes worthy / warranted / ideal. But otherwise, it's just maddening.

Who would have thought I could find something entirely NEW (get it?) to get vexed at regarding the proverbial reboot?

The original movie came out in 1979.

The remake came out in 2005.

The NEW remake is already being handled. So... maybe 2010?

SERIOUSLY? We need another version of this movie? So soon?

Why not just make a haunted house film and have people think "Hey, that's kinda like that other one..." and not slap the 'name' on it. Hasn't this town suffered enough? Oh sure, the "recognizable" name is what allegedly will draw people to it. Instant money bucket? PERHAPS, but so soon? It could be, however, that someone is just not yet satisfied with the manifestations of the Lutz family's plight and feels the need to rectify it. If so, I admire that, I really do... but so soon?

Have we all gone mad?

Make us believe in the unbelievable INDEED!

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