Monday, June 29, 2009

Line Up, Children...

Know what I’ve been wondering all day?
(I mean besides when I’m going to be able to stop hearing “Sham-wow” over and over in my head.)

Who has more lines in the play (and/or novel) of Peter Pan (Peter and Wendy)?
Peter or Wendy?
Since Wendy’s around in the story before Peter, one might guess her.
Then again, Peter has more lines than her while fighting Hook.
And yet, Wendy does an awful lot of talking in the Underground House.
But Peter does his share of explaining about the Neverland and his adventures.
I’m just not sure. And I really don’t think I want to sit and count.
I looked it up on the world wide web… but nothing close to the answer came up due to how many things are out there stuck to the web.
Not that it matters, but who do you reckon is more of a chatterbox?
Pan or Darling?


Anonymous said...

I tried counting the times I saw the names in the script of the play as published--it's VERY close, but it looks like Peter's the winner (that of course doesn't count "When Wendy Grew Up," which would make her the victor by about two dozen)....

Peter said...

Thanks, Anonymous!
I appreciate your comment. I'd no idea anyone else would have suffered from this dilemma. :)

At first I would have thought Wendy and Peter were again pretty much equal in the epilogue. But then I remembered she talks with Jane for quite some time before Peter arrives again.

Thanks for being obsessive!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome! ^_^ The truth is, I hadn't thought to even ponder the question myself until you brought it up, but once you did, well....

As you say, I'm obsessive, and I wasn't sure anyone else would do this, so I just had to find out for myself, and that seemed the quickest and easiest way--I HOPE I didn't miss anything, but I believe that's your answer for the play.

Peter said...

Wow, thanks for taking the time to look it up and post it!

I'm wondering if the "discrepency" in Hogan's is a 'Film Flub.'
(Such as one of the Lost Boys tumbling into the Underground House has sneakers on!)
When I looked it up for this post, I remember using the first part of the film when Peter is flying to the storytelling Wendy. Maybe I counted wrong? Oh well...
The point of the post had been that various versions can change the number willy nilly, which doesn't seem right. :)

Thanks again for your devotion to my ramblings and Peter Pan.