Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bring on the New Legend!

Well, Zelda fans, here's the new poster for the first Zelda game specifically designed for play on the Wii, with its fabulous motion control.

The big factor here: No sword!

In fact, creator Shigeru Miyamoto remarked on it specifically with a knowing grin. Now, it doesn't necessarily mean that there is no Master Sword involved with this new story. That would be heinous. Think about it... motion control (better still: Wii Motion Plus) and no sword to swing? Yeah, right.

Speculation on various sites has pointed out that this mysterious elfin figure with Link has suggested that she(?) is the sword, perhaps transforming back and forth. Compare the charatcer design with the Master Sword on the right. I think they might be on to something! Time will tell.

I couldn't be more excited. Ok, yes, I can. The excitement will build and build and eventually, the disc will bring forth the adventure. (Of course, the Big N will make us wait for far too long...)

I spoke of my enthusiasm for The Legend of Zelda before, here where I first heard of the new tale/game and here, where I share some thoughts about the modern storytelling that is video games.

Eagerly, I await...

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Ginger Ingenue said...

I love Zelda games too! And I haven't been able to play one in years, due to owning PlayStation instead of any system made by Nintendo. But now I have a Wii, so...glad to hear they'll soon be releasing a new one. :)

And my daughter and I have actually been playing my absolute favorite Zelda game (also my favorite game of all time!), Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, after I recently found my old Super Nintendo.

To make her excited about it, I lied and told her Link was Peter Pan, Zelda was Wendy, and the big healing fairies are Tinker Bell. :)