Monday, March 23, 2009

Who Has the Floor?

We all know Peter Pan flew to Wendy's window.
But how high did he have to fly?

I've noticed the number of floors varies in each major production on film.

Naturally, we have to check the source.
Barrie keeps it consistent in his play and novel.

Two have the same as Barrie.
But the other three would have you believe otherwise.

Which two counted in all the floors?

Silent Disney Mary Martin Cathy Rigby P.J. Hogan

Select with your cursor for the results:

The nursery is 3 floors up. (Barrie) Not surprisingly, Hogan shows three. But Disney, too, depicts three floors.
As for the others: Silent - 2, Mary Martin - 2, Cathy Rigby - 4


Moira Lewelyn said...

Just a question, do you mean three floors up as in "ground floor, floor 1, floor 2 and floor 3" or "ground floor, floor 2, floor 3"?
(Americans call the ground floor the "first floor" right? I just got confused and thought I'd ask...)


Peter said...

Admittedly, I cannot be entirely sure. I don't have the images from the Disney and Hogan films in front of me and it's too much trouble to check. :) I say "too much trouble" because, I think, the question eventually becomes moot. More on this in a moment.

I do know that I imagined only 3 levels total. I'm thinking when I counted sets of windows in the films I also counted 3, but I'm not entirely sure. [Memory like Pan's sometimes!]

As for why it becomes moot, the other productions are only vocal in floor #, and those are different from what Barrie tells us.

As for whether or not he meant the ground floor and THEN more floors, I'm afraid I don't know.

Good question!

Moira Lewelyn said...

Ok ^^
I think 3 levels total is more plausible, 4 seems a bit much don't you think? The Darlings weren't rich...

Ok, time to get my DVDs out, I'll be back!

Moira Lewelyn said...

Disney has three total:

But PJ Hogan has... four?

In pics 3 and 4, the lower sections of the chimneys we see in pic 1 (just above the third floor) are at the same level as the nursery floor?

Peter said...

Wow, thanks for checking and posting. The "discrepency" in Hogan's might just be one of those "film fulbs" (such as when the Lost Boys tumble into the Underground House, one of them is wearing sneakers).
I do recall that when I checked on it to write the post, I used the beginning of the movie when Peter Pan flew to Wendy's storytelling. It appeared to me to be correct.

Besides, the general point of the post is that various versions can change it willy-nilly, which just doesn't seem right. :)

Thanks again.