Monday, March 2, 2009

Celebrate on This Date!

Today is the day a marvelous man came our way
He taught some of us to read and others to play
His sense of wonder proved enough for us all
And his wisdom is known by the short and the tall
It’s a nice dose of laughter which this doctor prescribes
And each chuckle is a powerful lesson cloaked in disguise
Whether tackling Capitalism, Racism or the Polluted
His creations are sheer genius - it cannot be refuted
His drawings are zany, askew and bizarre
And we all love them just as they are
Many don’t realize he made political cartoons, too
As well as for advertising - look it up, it’s true
Thank you, Theodore Geisel, for the imagination you shared
You’re a true gem, an inspiration, a man who obviously cared

Look here! It’s Google! Look how it’s unfurled
Celebrating this day when he came into the world

And if you’d not seen “In Search of Dr. Seuss” when it aired on TV
Make sure that you do, I recommend it highly - and it’s on DVD

One last side note I would like to mention, if I may
The year of his birth is also the premiere of the play*

*Peter Pan, or the Boy Who Would Not Grow Up

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