Friday, March 20, 2009

Crowing About Pan on First Tuesday...

I recently had quite the find on the 'net. An excerpt from an episode of First Tuesday Book Club on ABC, which aired on July 1, 2008. More information about FTBC can be found here. The full episode is made available for free download by FTBC/ABC here. Many episodes are listed/available. [As of this posting, this particular show only appears as "Episode 01/07/2008."]

The book they discuss: Peter Pan, of course. I found myself delighted with the discussion. The panelists (Jennifer Byrne - Host, Bob Carr, Marieke Hardy, Judith Lucy, Jason Steger) range from Ms. Hardy who thought she knew the story to Mr. Carr who only read it as a child. It's a treat to see the full range of approach to the tale. To watch them playfully but sincerely scratch the surface and dig way beyond to discover the complex magic of Barrie's genius is wonderful. But don't take my word for it... let them tell you.

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