Thursday, March 19, 2009

I've Been Wondering...

Why isn't there a movie of
Peter Pan
in Kensington Gardens?

Wouldn't it look great either in traditional animation or CGI?

Just imagine it - done in the style of Arthur Rackham.

I vote YES.

(If one does exist, I have never come across it in my studies/pursuits.)

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Anonymous said...

I'd enjoy such a movie if one were ever made, but I imagine it would have to be short--maybe half an hour at most, unless they decided to pad it to feature length somehow.

I mean, it's only six chapters long (five if you discount the first chapter in which not much really happens--though I suppose they could do a "prologue" of sorts there, maybe even do that live-action?). Maybe as a featurette before a (future?) feature-length adaptation of the later story?