Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dash - Raise - Wild!

Thought I’d keep you up to date with my thoughts on some Hollywood rumblings (oh boy!)

It’s reported that Thor will feature some other characters from the Marvel Universe as well. At first this upset me, but then I remembered: I had already deemed the same crossover technique quite cool in their other movies. (Granted, I have not seem many of them, as superheroes have worn on me of late.) Thus, how could I be miffed about them creating the very inter-connectivity of their comic books onto the silver screen? I can’t. Then I realized what actually made me sad. The only aspect of the movie I looked forward to had been the Norse mythology. You might recall I’m quite eager to see a big-budget well-crafted film using the Norse epics. So, I shall ride along, seeing how it plays out.

On the other side of the coin is a movie I had rolled my eyes at when I first heard of its forthcoming. A remake of The Thing. No no…don’t roll your eyes just yet. It’s not really a remake. It’s along the lines of a “quel” as I describe in this post. The opening scene in John Carpenter’s wonderful horror flick is being expanded. We know the Kurt Russell character and his camp had an adventure, but it begins with people from another camp. Thus, the new movie is their story. A prequel, but not quite. A gaiden adventure, nonetheless. If they tackle it with care and have a good script – just might work.

And, as if you couldn’t tell, the new poster for Where the Wild Things Are is here. The trailer is coming very soon. I’ll post a link when I can.

So… to recap: hopes dashed, an eyebrow raised and the wild things escape.

UPDATE: I've posted the trailer in Lil' Updates...

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