Friday, November 21, 2008

Rare Von Brownian Poetry Returns

I thought I'd share another one of my so-called poems. As I explain in the previous poetry post (alliteration!), my forte it's not. But here's another that passes for decent at least.

I also wrote this one for class. My usual haunt, but this time the focus is on the pirate nemesis. The movie that bears the title of the poem came out midway through my college years. So I wrote with some degree of excitement, as I originally expected it to be a retelling of Peter and Wendy but from the Captain's perspective. Eternal Boy, had I been wrong!
Such as it is, I much prefer my poem instead

I have an anecdote about this piece. It doesn't portray the professor of the class in a very good light, but he's no longer with the college and I hope he would be able to see the humor in it. He praised me to some degree for the poem, I don't recall the wherefores. But he ended with, "I'm just puzzled as to why it's called 'Hook.'"

You can click on the picture to read the poem. I used a picture of the Jason Isaacs version for I believe his portrayal to be the best. If you're wondering, my second favorite is Tim Curry in Fox's Peter Pan & the Pirates.

Enjoy! Rare Von Brownian Poetry


Mel said...

Which professor?

Danielle Mari said...

I remember! As I recall, he always liked what you wrote but NEVER understood it. Didn't you once write another poem where you had a line about "Peter's fairy dust" and he didn't get who Peter was, too? Eesh. I might be totally making that up. It was a looooooong time ago. We're old.

Peter said...

Mel - I'll answer you in private.

Danielle - Yes, but as I recall it, you wrote the wonderful line.
Your poem said "Dandelions - Peter's fairy dust" and yes, he said, "This is wonderful, but...who's Peter?" I also fancy it to have been in the same class period, but I may be fabricating that for my own amusement. I'm not really sure.

Danielle Mari said...

Ah yes. Sheesh. Well, you know what they say. "Memory's the second thing to go."

Of course, I can't remember the first!