Monday, November 3, 2008

Where I Did My Business...

While back at college for Homecoming, I wandered around campus. I visited some of my favorite places, naturally. A lot has changed (even in the time since I'd last been there about three years ago). But for every new element is a “just the same.”

I took some pictures in the library. They are not the best quality, as I took them with my cell phone. It can produce great pictures on occasion. But I snapped them quickly, as I did not want to be “that guy” while current students studied around me.

Why did I chose these locations? Simple. They are the places I could usually be found doing my research on Sir J. M. Barrie. Although I may have made some notes for it in these places, I did not actually compose Peter Pan’s NeverWorld at them. But I’d immerse myself in the wonder, splendor, triumphs and tribulations of the man who brought us the Eternal Boy.

Lastly, I took a picture of my mentor’s (writing professor and Chairman of my Honors Committee) door. He’s away from the college right now, so I did not visit with him. But it matters little, for I see him rather frequently as it is -- he’s one of the founders of the Vitalist Theatre company. You might recall that I help them out with their productions here in Chicago. And I am always in attendance of the shows, more than once.

In fact, I’ll be going to assist my buddy Laughter with their latest later tonight. But more on the new Vitalist Show at another time.

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