Thursday, November 6, 2008

Look What P0Pped UP!

If you thought “Pop-Up Books” are for children, think again. A man named Robert Sabuda does the miraculous with folding and moving papers.
Just take a look. I mean, honestly. Talk about an art form!

As you can see, he makes pop-ups out of classic literature as well as other themes. Not only are they popping out at you…they do things! Such as the tornado that transports Dorothy. It spins as you open it up. You can see inside the houses. And wait until you experience the simple but ingenious way to make Alice fall down the rabbit hole. And that T-Rex? Yes, it will chomp. It's not limited to the main art, either. Every page has at least one smaller flap to open revealing complex pop-ups, too.

I highly recommend ANY of his books. They’ll astound you. How does one even begin to solve the folding and such to produce these giant 3-D images? You’ll find yourself trying to figure it out, only to be mesmerized and bamboozled. And what I've posted here is the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Immerse yourself in genius.

Well, folks, he’s now tackled J.M. Barrie’s eternal boy. Yes, Peter Pan is a Robert Sabuda Pop-Up. It’s just recently been released and needless to say, I’m excited to play with it. But alas, I do not have the time to obtain it just yet. For I will be assisting Laughter with the Vitalist Theatre show again tonight. The next two evenings are booked for Bart and me. But rest assured that I will track it down and fly with Peter Pan in an entirely new way. You can be sure I’ll post my thoughts when I do. Just imagine the crocodile! Good grief! :)

Thank you, Mr. Sabuda. BRAVO!

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Bartsy said...

I guess you don't want to wait for Christmas?!?