Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Wonders

Sorry... didn't mean to leave you in a lurch all weekend with nothing to read of my rants.
Although we didn’t do much (and certainly not all we planned) Bart and I had a filled weekend. Granted, some of that “fill” had to do with being lazy, too. Specifically, catching up on sleep (though not “sleeping in”) and also on episodes of Ellen. They piled up as I could not keep up with them this week. We also had a lovely brunch on Sunday with Laughter, who regretted not being able to go with Bart, Cassidy and me last Sunday. Yes, Laughter come back and had still been hanging about. He needed to take pictures of and for the Vitalist Theatre show Anung’s First American Christmas that he (we’ve) been working on for quite a while now.

One of the things we did accomplish (as if it counts as a feat!) is purchase the Robert Sabuda P0P-uP book of Peter Pan. It’s a delight. But is that any wonder? You might remember I’d been excited to see the crocodile. It turns out she is one of the side panels that opens up. A tad disappointing, as I had hoped to have gigantic massive jaws snapping down at me. The other mild let down is that there really isn’t a great “flying over London” page. Again, it exits in the flaps on the side. And it’s neat, yes. But not as grand as the moment seems to demand.

Don’t take any of the above comments as dislike. It’s an amazing piece of work just like his other books. Who can sneeze at a full scale pirate ship suddenly appearing before the eyes? One of the more fun pop-ups is Captain Hook sliding down the hollow tree. It’s unexpected and a great effect. Another tiny pleasure derives from the window shade going on at the Darling home as we see the Mr. and Mrs. in silhouette (calling back the shadow of the story) lamenting their loss. And how fun to see the Neverland sprawl out of nowhere!

Bravo Sabuda! (Again!)

Tomorrow is the opening/premiere of Anung’s First American Christmas. Laughter says it did indeed turn out to be a great show… visually stunning with all the puppetry and lighting and costumes. I’ll be sure to let you know what I thought. Though I've no doubt it will be fantastic.

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