Monday, June 9, 2008

Random Quote

"When the icy winds blow into the cold nether regions, there is much to be feared in the land of the glittering gods."

[Spoken by a guy named Jeff, I think, many years ago into a tape recorder connected to a computer, back in the grand old days when a home computer had been something to sneeze at...the sheer randomness and mysterious nature of this line stuck with me to this day, when it resurfaced in my mind just as randomly.]


Sunshine said...

Was this at Boz? Sullen Jeff???

Peter Von Brown said...

Ha! No, this happened moons before Boz twinkled in the eye of the Queen of Knicknackonia, back before Knox, way beyond into the annals past. [i.e. probably at age eleven at my parent's house, Jeff being a friend of my brother's]