Thursday, June 5, 2008

Little Updates

If you haven't already noticed, I've added a place to drop me a line about something not post-specific. On the left are a little quill and ink as well as a book. The book will view the Guestbook and the quill and ink will let you write on it. (There is also a link to sign on the Guestbook viewing page.)

Sunshine, whom you may have already read about, now has a blog Mission Improvisational. I've posted a link in my "Also Visit" section.

The release of Peter Pan's NeverWorld is taking longer than I would like, but it is still not entirely out of bounds of my original estimate. I can tell you that it shouldn't be very long now, two months or less. I'm rooting for less, how about you? Actually, two months is a worst case scenario.

1 comment:

hortense said...

three little updates. that's all i need!
oh-- thank you peterpan.
you are the tiny chickenleg of my soul.