Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Occupational Pun-ishment

Here's another wacky list I've saved on a data CD. This comes from a Family Circus Sunday strip from way back. Unfortunately I didn't write down which ones were part of that strip and which ones I (or others) contributed. Feel free to make up more...

A photographer - if I can get things into focus
A football player - if I can tackle things
A carpenter - if I can nail the job
A chef - if I don't get in hot water
A paperhanger - if I can just stick to it
A trapeze artist - if I can get the swing of it
A lumberjack - unless I get the axe
A gardener - if I can weed things out
A jockey - if I get a good start
A tailor - if things suit me
A hockey player - if I don't skate on thin ice
A dancer - if I can take the right steps
A clockmaker - if my timing is right
An optician - if I can see my way there
A puppeteer - if can pull the right strings
A percussionist - if I can drum up the business
A swimmer - if I can keep my head above water
An archeologist - if I dig it
A mathematician- unless there's too many unknowns
A writer - if I can read between the lines

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