Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Deja Write

It's always a pleasure to write the scenes that have been in mind for a very long time. A sweet sense of accomplishment - to finally produce a narrative of a visualization. Of course, this implies the question: Why wait to write a scene? What's wrong with now? Good question. Actually, I very often do write the scenes I am most excited to see realized, or whichever parts grab me at a particular time. As long as there is a malleable spine of an outline, it's not much trouble to fill in the gaps as sections merge into a cohesive whole. Much of the time I do write in this fashion. However, lately I have been devising stories in which chronology becomes a little more than important. I found it more helpful to compose in event order, lest I lose a mental momentum (both in my own head and the minds of the characters) and miss the weight of compounded occurences as the tale unfolds. So there you have it. Due to the nature of the novel I am writing, I am being forced to foresee events and experience a written deja vu.

(Oh. If you haven't guessed, I had a Deja Write happen recently.)

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