Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Peter Pan and Macy's

So last night Buttercup and I watched this week's episode of Teen Wolf. She's my watching partner. I don't view it until we can get together in front of my big screen. For the record, still love the show. Even this far into the season (only one episode left as of now) scenes from (or references to) the movie source material manifest in amusing ways. Bravo to all.

But the real point of this post is a commercial that aired quite a few times.  I caught it even in fast-forward.  But then, with the big glowing word 'Wendy' on the screen how could I miss it?

Apparently Macy's (yes, the store) has a forthcoming series called Wendy.  And you guessed right - it's a take on the famous Barrie tale.  Here, Peter Pan is called Pete.  It's updated, you see.  Am I enraged?  No, of course not.  Why?  As I've said before, I applaud reinterpretatons or reimaginings.  Take a spin on this amazing story.  It's only when it's meant to be contiguous to Barrie and fails that irks me.  Anyway, it looks like fun.  Kind of a Melrose Place meets Peter Pan.

I'd not been able to find much of it on the ol' interwebs.  But looking again I found all the answers posted by some nice person named Lauren on 'Yahoo! Answers' here.

Essentially it's a web series showcasing their lines loosely based on the "timeless story" (as it says.)  Macy's paired with Alloy Entertainment.  It premieres September 25th. 

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