Thursday, August 4, 2011

PAN Pan (as in *Almost All Pan)

Wouldn't it be great if you could have
the pertinent Pan texts of Barrie in one single volume?
Why yes, yes it would.

And now you can!

It's edited by Anne Hiebert Alton and from Broadview Press.

Actually there seems to be one text not accounted for... Barrie's screenplay.  But other than that, you couldn't ask for a better compilation - including the original 3-Act play (as opposed to the expanded full-length.)

You can find out more about it or order it here.

Go ahead and see all the goodies in it!

I have to give credit to Anon*, who sent me an email about this one.  As life gets more complex (with more and more to "check" and do) it becomes harder to be on top of all that's happening with the eternal boy, so I'm quite grateful that a fairy or two is whispering to others to whisper to me.  Thanks, Anon!

I'll be picking this one up... and any Pan Fan worth thy salt will do so as well!

*Barrie enthusiast and my faithful reader and #1 fan


Anon said...

You're welcome! ^_^

Lewelyn-H said...

Wow this is amazing, I'm ordering it straight away!! Thanks for posting about it! And than you, Anon, as well =)