Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Da DA Da...DONE!

The illustrations are done!

Finished circa two in the morning, all the pictures of scenes from chapters in my interquel Peter Pan: Betwixt-and-Between are now complete.  The final one, showing a scene lifted from an obscure and unused part of Barrie's tales of Pan, turned out well also.  How wonderful that this little known Pan moment is brought to (still) life!

There didn't wind up being any more extra pictures beyond the original two extra, but hey... a picture for each chapter and then some is nothing to sneeze at... come to think of it, what IS to sneeze at???  At any rate, there are 14 chapters and thus, 16 pictures.

What's left to do?  Well, I think I'd like a peppering of tiny images at the chapter headings.  No worries though in terms of it taking too long.  They certainly won't require any elaborate concocting like the story illustrations.  Just simple adornments.

Don't hate me, but I also need to write and insert stuff that goes in the beginning of the book such as the Foreword, Acknowledgements page, Contents, etc.  Oh - and the back cover picture (but I now know what that will be - thanks to a suggestion from my buddy Laughter!)  After those are done (and some re-re-proofing all around) it will be on its way to availability.

PETER PAN  is excited... are you?
For any and all who are anxious to read this "missing history" of Peter Pan - thanks for bearing with me through the process and for being patient.

SO... anyone want an a sneak peak at an illustration until then?

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Anon said...

I would! XD

Congratulations at making it this far!