Friday, March 25, 2011

A Taste of Another Play

Here's something inspired by something ELSE by
Sir J.M. Barrie besides Peter Pan!

Nestlé has a line of chocolates* named for one of his other plays, Quality Street.
Pretty cool.

And yes, it's not just me associating the name.
They really are meant to be Barrie's title.

I guess I'll have to try them.
(And read Barrie's play again.  It's been a LONG time...)

*And other sweets, as I learned from Erik in the comments.


Erik said...

Quality Street tins of sweets (not just chocolates, but also different kinds of toffees) were created by the manufacturers Mackintosh, with Barrie's endorsement. They were then bought by Rowntree in the 80s and then by Nestlé. The pictures on the tin were inspired by the images in the first illustrated edition of the play. The picture of the soldier and Regency lady no longer feature (alas) on modern tins. Thanks to Nestlé's marketing power, you can find the tins in every duty free shop in European airports. I wonder what Barrie would have made of that?

Peter Von Brown said...

Erik -

My, you're just a wealth of information!

Thanks yet again.

There's quite a bit I'd like to know what Barrie would "make of" actually! ;)