Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Peter Pan Began Before, Though

I found out about this naught but a minute ago.

A movie is being pitched/shopped around in Hollywood:
Peter Pan Begins

It's going to be an origin tale.  Whether or not it's remaining at all faithful to Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens I do not know.  For very little has come forth regarding it, other than Channing Tatum is reportedly involved.  Writer Billy Ray and producer Joe Roth are the duo who are opening the windows.

Channing Tatum - Peter's Dad?
It leads me to speculate what it could be like.  Since my penchant is to be faithful, I suddenly had a scenario in mind which I haven't thought of before per se.  What if it used PPiKGardens as a springboard only?  Do the key scenes, like Pan flying out the window and such, but also focus on his parents in much the same way that Mr. and Mrs. Darling are revisited during Peter and Wendy.  Perhaps it also now shows that they had a struggle to have a child?  Which would make Peter's leaving all the more heartbreaking.  I'm not sure this would work, mind you, it's just "playing around."

Whatever the manifestation turns out to be, I sure hope Peter Pan Begins is respectful of Barrie's origin story along with the well known one.  For a different window into the origins of Pan might be just the cool wind of change we didn't know we needed.

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