Wednesday, March 2, 2011

All Dolled Up!

I am quite happy to be able to have permission to repost this picture.  It's a sculpture by an (obviously) talented woman named Lena.

What a WONDERFUL representation of Peter Pan, the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up!  I am very fond of it and wrote Lena telling her as such.  She kindly let me share the picture of her art.

I like it especially because she has Peter Pan wearing something very close to the outfit I gave him in Peter Pan's NeverWorld.  A green "tunic" with brown pants.  Yes, of course, Barrie told us what Peter wears...  and I still have him in leaves.  I just pictured them a little more "woven" and based the clothing on Barrie's own photograph of Michael Llewelyn Davies dressed as Pan.  You see, I figured that Peter's "mothers" across the years had sewing kits at the ready and made him new stuff to wear (as he certainly must wear out 'clothes' with all the rough and tumble he does!)

I'd say he's got a goodly amount of cockiness in this manifestation, wouldn't you?
And I love the extra details of the acorns and his pipes.

BRAVA to Lena!

You can find more on her Peter Pan doll page (and the rest of her site) here.

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