Friday, March 18, 2011

Peter Pan Is Never Bored

Someone I knew in college once told me:
Boredom is a choice.
I'll have to agree.

I also really like the song Being Boring by the Pet Shop Boys.  They wrote it based on a quote from Zelda Fitzgerald:  She was never bored because she was never boring.  The writing at the beginning of the video not only gives more background on this quote, but shows how the song ties in with the Peter Pan theme [besides those 'never's!]

So, when choosing not to be bored the other day I whipped this up.

Original Drawing
It's a modified drawing of F. D. Bedford.  He drew the original illustrations for Peter and Wendy.

 I really like Pan's position in it - I think the bent leg is perfect.  And as you can see, I colored it as such that he's wearing something more akin to his outfit in Peter Pan's NeverWorld.

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