Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tweaking Perfect

What a crazy world we live in...
...and my, how it's even changed the very way we think.

I recently took note of an actor (Chris Evans) in a movie and thought to myself... Wow, this guy would be perfect for the role of Zihn in a movie adaptation of my novel Midnight Chaser.  (Should such an occasion ever arise.)

There's just one thing.  They'd need to use CGI to make him shorter/smaller.  Isn't it wacky?  That such a notion would occur to me... and delightfully worse still, that it is in fact possible!

Also, it's the little things...  Even though I had seen him in a film or two, I hadn't pegged him as my character before....  not until he sported facial hair and had a certain flair to his attitude.

So a word to the wise in terms of casting... sometimes perfection needs a little tweaking.

And to be honest, no matter who winds up playing him one day, CGI work would have to be applied to match a particular facial feature or two anyway.

For the record, that's my personal "photo" of Zihn.  See here for more.

Yet another unforeseen "whoa" of the 21st Century.

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