Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ollive Juice

Want to see a delightful animation?   It's ever so fluid and quite an homage to the dawn of moving drawings on film.  And - I bet you could see this coming - it has elements of Peter Pan in it.  It winds up misquoting it at one point.  But I had so much fun watching I hardly seem to mind.  Plus, it's not entirely nor exactly Peter Pan... and one could argue the main character in this short is the one remembering incorrectly.  Either way, it matters very little if any, as the cartoon is so charming.  I especially like the way in which the Peter character flies, twisting and turning gracefully for no reason.  (I also like that a certain appendage is placed correctly.) 

The Night Visitors animated short is by Richard Ollive.  Looking him up, I learned he also worked on Monty Python's The Meaning of Life.  Other credits include cult classic Heavy Metal and a (seemingly) lesser known Peanuts movie: It's the Pied Piper, Charlie Brown.   I'd love for him to do more.  Maybe he'd consider a faithful animated Peter and Wendy.  ;)


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