Friday, August 27, 2010

EUReKA - Still Has It!

I've posted before that I am a fan of the SyFy Channel original series Eureka.  I still am.  Yesterday I mentioned how I'm impressed with the story arc of Cartoon Network's Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated! and the same holds true for the current season of Eureka.

This season promised:  Same town.  Big changes.

That had been a huge red flag for me.   I had thought it to mean a gimmick or some ludicrous twists.  I'm sure there are some who feel that they have treaded into that realm.  But I'm happily watching.  They did make some huge changes.  In a nutshell, in the season opener five or so of the main characters accidentally went back back in time to the founding of Eureka (on the celebratory Founder's Day, no less) and when they managed to return, they found they'd altered their timeline a little.  The statue of Archimedes is now bronze rather than marble.  One of the characters is married and had not been before (and thus he doesn't have the memories of his times with his wife, or even know her!)  A child who had autism no longer does.  The geeky-fun character is now the head of Global Dynamics... that sort of thing.  Like they said, big changes.

And they're handling them well.  The problems that are created from such mix-ups are just enough to fuel some new episodes.  Yet they also do feel stand-alone.

Oh - one of the men (the founder, in fact) came back to the future with them, which also helped create the variances in the timeline.  And right now, that is tonight's episode, they're going to be playing one of my favorite Time Travel cards.  Someone has figured out that he's not who he claims to be (as they set up/falsified documents to give an identity for him and explain his presence) and the reason they have -- well, they've been waiting a long time for him.  As in, people from the past had to 'catch up' to him in the future.

I've said more than I imagined I would... but suffice to say I'm giving a BRAVO! to the Eureka's storyline this season.  It's more than a gimmick and it's working out (and in) very nicely to create a great deal of fun.

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