Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Wrong Write - If It Pans Out...

Well, I’ve tried many times to “get going” on the book I’m writing.
I’ve heard from three of the characters… and from them have learned a great deal more about the details as well as quite the additions to the plot. I’ve written a little on it… revised it even more and am happy with what I have down.

But the fact remains that it’s just not flowing.

Not even main character Thom is spilling forth information rapidly.

I’m beginning to wonder if I am in fact trying to write the wrong story.

Lately, given the prolonged interest by my faithful reader and fan Anon, as well as chatting online and in person with Hook & Jill author Andrea Jones, I find myself once again delving into the mysteries of Sir J.M. Barrie’s eternal boy. Whether it’s trying to discern what Barrie meant in certain places, rediscovering scenes I’d not paid as much attention to (since those scenes became irrelevant for the writing of Peter Pan’s NeverWorld), hearing a great bit from a fairy or wanting to revisit what I’ve written… I just might have to put Thom and his world on hold again. He won’t mind for he’s very understanding. (As you may know, he even let me stop the second book in his series mid-way through the writing of it so that I could attend to the very vocal Jeremy Strache.)

Thus, I believe that I am going to go back and have another gander at Peter Pan: Betwixt-and-Between and the second book of NeverWorld. If I’m as inspired as I think I am, I’ll pick up and try to complete one. Or both. For at the time, I’d been writing each of them simultaneously.

Besides, there’s this line in Peter and Wendy:

Liza was in a bad tamper, for she was mixing the Christmas puddings in the kitchen, and had been drawn from them, with a raisin still on her cheek, by Nana’s absurd suspicions.

It may just be in the text because of Peter Pan’s history as a Xmas production. Either way, Barrie’s Darling children begin their adventure during the Holiday Season. Maybe I’ll take that as a further sign that my suspicions are not absurd and I should be renewing my interest in spinning stories about the Boy Who Never Grew Up.

No promises, as I might not fall back into it easily. But I think it’s worth a try.

If not, I’ll have to prod Thom again to start talking.


Anon said...

Sorry Thom's story isn't flowing as well as you'd like. :(

But that being the case, I hope you have better luck with the Peter Pan books! ^_^

Even if you only finished one, that would be great, but it would be better if you finished both!

(Wow, Peter Pan is going to be 105 years old soon.... :S)

Peter said...

Not to worry about Thom. He'll start talking when he's ready.

Well, unless you're being over-technical, he already is...and by that I mean the story. (Technically he will be in a little over a week.)

But Peter himself is much older than that! ;]

Anon, you can be sure you'll be the first to see a completed Pan novel. You can critique it for me. ;)

Anon said...

Haha, I know--I was referring to the debut of the play on December 27th. I don't know when Peter's "birthday" is, but outside of the "Pan universe" that seems as good a date as any.

And that's awesome! :D I am honored! ^_^