Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tending the Gardens Once Again...

Thought I report on how it's going on the Pan front...

I've been re-reading (and tweaking) Peter Pan: Betwixt-and-Between. I'm happy to report I still am pleased with what I have on the page. Often that's not the case. So I'm quite glad that I don't have to proverbially start from scratch. I'm also surprisesd at my word count. It's much more than I thought. So, it's going rather well.

I'm on the third chapter of my work... and I've just realized (far later than I should have) that it would behoove me to re-read Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens. When I returned to this project, I had not been sure I would wind up back into it. Well, I am, and so I shall have to read Barrie's work again.

How delightful that I have excuse to have a gander at this edition. Looking forward to it.

It's also quite fun because now I have first hand experience with Kensington Gardens. It's much more exciting and immersive than it had been at the first go around. I've already incorporated some of my personal knowledge into the text.

And so... I shall continue work on my interquel to Barrie's classics. As I may have mentioned before, it is not a bridge than spans all the way to Peter and Wendy. It's just the tale to fill the gap of how Peter Pan 'grew' to be a boy in the Neverland. Just - as if that weren't enough.

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