Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What the Dickens? A Bit of Christmas Past!

I don't know about you, but I find things like the parchment writings of Charles Dickens fascinating. Bart and I feasted upon much in Dickens's house during our visit to London this past summer.

And now the New York Times has given us a treat for Xmas. Take a gander at

A Christmas Carol in its original form, even with some tweaks and changes.

Click here.
(Thanks to Tall Guy for bringing this to my attention on Facebook.)

Oh... if you're wondering why I have not yet 'reported' on the new Robert Zemeckis 3-D version... I have not yet seen it. Bart and I wanted to go with Banky & Clara. Clara (understandably) just couldn't "do" Xmas until after Thanksgiving. As it stands, we'll probably have to see it not this weekend, but the next. (I'll be doing something very cool this weekend, which I hope to be able to post about - the decision isn't entirely up to me as someone else is involved.) But rest assured, I shall indeed be seeing the new film version. As I said in this post, I'm quite excited. How I've lasted this long is a Festivus Miracle!

Until then...

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