Friday, December 18, 2009

Kensington Disney

I came across these on the web. I'd just been going through some sites I'd saved to go back to and never really have... and lo and behold.

I suppose this is what Disney's Kensington Gardens would look like, eh?

Idealized for sure, for I can tell you... it's a MUCH longer walk to the Round Pond from any gate that looks like that!

Interesting to see the Darling kids in other clothes, isn't it?

And what's with the Hobo? I'll just bet he factors into this story's plot, if there is one.

It reminds me of a short comic about Peter Pan by Disney. I have it somewhere. Or at least I did. Not sure where anymore... I should look for it. It featured the Darlings on summer holiday... and wouldn't you know it, but the place they vacation is a spot for Hook's treasure (or something near to this plot) and Tink shows up to warn them... with Pan not far behind. You can guess the rest... Hook's foiled, the kids get the treasure.

If I do find it, I'll post a few pix from it. For I bet posting it all would be some sort of infringement. Besides, it belongs in my Peter Pan collection.


Anon said...

I doubt those have anything to do with this, but I was reminded of an early ending scene to the Peter Pan play that got cut out--it was set in Kensington Gardens and effectively turned the whole thing into a pantomime.... :P

That's in the early draft of the play found on, and I'm glad it was cut out....

Peter said...

Ah, yes. I recall that scene. It had a particular chracter in it that a lot of people would like to see revived, if I remember correctly. I'm glad he went against this decision, too. For it generally undermined the whole of the story.

And you're right, I doubt Disney studios delved that deeply into it to create this comic.

However, reminding me of that "lost" and "dead" scene shows me that one of my ideas for a separate Pan novel dealing with the Jane, Margaret, etc. might just have some merit after all, as it's obviously subconsciously modeled after it.

Thanks for the memory jog.

P.S. - I'm liking what I have of Peter Pan: Betwixt-&-Between very much, thank goodness. :)

Anon said...

I agree--he didn't want it to be a pantomime anyway, I don't think....

(And Disney tends not to be that subtle, true.... :P)

But you're welcome! ^_^ Glad I could help!

(And that IS a "thank goodness"! :D Glad to hear it!