Thursday, August 27, 2009

Vitalist Theatre Ventures Forth Again!

Well, everyone, it’s that time again. Night Season!

Okay, well, not exactly, but yes. That’s the name of Vitalist Theatre Company’s new show. And once again I’ve been helping build the set. I’m rather sore, but it’s at least good to know the aches are from accomplishment. As always, it’s been great to see my buddy Laughter, Sparrow and the Director again. Not to mention the rest of the regular crew.

I don’t have much to report about the specifics of the show. For I really don’t know them. I’ve not heard much about it yet. But I do know some bits (and “tricks”) that will be included from helping put up the environment for it. What I do know is best kept secret so as not to spoil things for those who will be able to see the show.

It’s a pleasure to help them out… and I will of course post more about The Night Season in the future.
You can, of course, go to their website to read more until then.

Meanwhile, my new favorite power tool is the Router. Talk about a FUN tool! And the results are damn near (if not) perfect everytime. Virtually idiot proof… which is good in my case. ;)

(All the stage work has prevented me from finishing Hook & Jill by Andrea Jones, too. But I hope that my many engagements this coming weekend will allow time to see how her marvelous new direction in the Neverland saga ends! [For now...])

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