Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stuff that COULD Be Jolly from Holly(wood)

I’m afraid it’s time for another Hollywood post.
Don’t worry, I’m not going to start complaining.
There’s just been a stockpile and I want to unload it.

I’ve talked quite a bit already about the forthcoming Where the Wild Things Are adaptation. Another trailer has come out. You might recall that Sendak told Jonze to make what the book meant to him, not what's directly on the pages. It seems as if Jonze is doing just that… for this film looks rather slow moving and oddly gentle. I don’t mean those derogatorily. I always thought the book had a relaxed pace and comfort as well. I’m still happily intrigued. You can see for yourself.

Terry Gilliam’s much-anticipated and semi-ill fated The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus has found a distributor. So we can look forward to another wacky and wonderful romp through Gilliam’s delightfully twisted mind. If you’re not already aware, the late Heath Ledger had been filming when he passed. Gilliam handled the blow by realizing that he can re-cast the role. Sounds awful… but it’s actually rather cool. Since the story already deals with a high degree of magic, it had been written in that the character “changes” each time he goes through a magic mirror. (Or something to this effect.) Bravo for carrying on and for the fun notion, Mr. Gilliam! Can’t wait for this one:

I’m not sure that we need one, but I’m not against it either - Little Red Riding Hood. Darker. Yes, it’s been done before as a Gothic horror type, with The Company of Wolves. But I’m game for another spin on a werewolf legend with a little girl in red. (The origins of the fairy tale sometimes include a lycanthrope character.) David Leslie Johnson is penning this new take. And Leonardo DiCaprio is producing. The results should be interesting.

The next “new spin” is an idea that I had, too. No, I’m not disappointed that someone else nabbed it. Quite glad. For I’d like to see how it turns out and I had no real gumption to do it. I envisioned a cartoon series, but a feature film might work just as well. A futuristic Robin Hood, anyone? Oh come now, it COULD be good. Jason Hall taking a stab at the script.

And lastly, the sort-of complaint, but not exactly. Way back in this post, I simply said that I’m shaking my head severely at what’s to come. This project (among many others) had been included in that disdain. I may still hold disdain for it, I’m not sure. ViewMaster: The Movie. Yes, the childhood toy. Roll the eyes back… here’s what happened. Apparently Brad Caleb Kane (Fringe) had an idea to pitch for a movie. On his own. Nothing to do with any company backed toys, just an idea that caught someone’s eye. The connection to ViewMaster had been made after the fact. Knowing that a movie of it had been discussed, Kane’s story supposedly fits in perfectly. I guess we’ll have to see what comes into focus, eh?

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Danielle Mari said...

Well, as Laughter would say, "At least some artists are getting work."