Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Not Much of a Choice??

Does anyone remember the Choose Your Own Adventure Series? These books spoke in the second person, to you, the reader, so that you were supposed to be experiencing the events of the story. Every so often you'd be asked to make a choice. Such as: Do you want to explore the cave? Or do you want to remain with your uncle? Each choice gave a page to turn to and the story went on... which you, in theory, controlled.

Someone who had the proverbial "too much time on their hands" (which I think is just another way for a person to complain of not having enough) created a Choose Your Own Adventure flow chart. Using a real book. It's not entirely pointless fun... statistics on the possible outcomes are given. It's a pretty grim result. The full page is here. You'll be able to find out which book had been used, see the findings and download a PDF of the chart.

Also, the project I spoke of recently, did, of course, run into snafu after snafu. But I'm happy to say that major hurdles have been jumped and it's nearing completion. I'm sure another snafu will crop up, so don't hold your breath.

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