Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Different Neverland Adventure (and its freakish reality!)

Perhaps you remember my post about other interpretations of the Peter Pan story?
(If not, it’s here.)

Well, another such creative approach to the story is thus:

Peter had been snatched away as a baby, to be used for a scientific experiment. An experiment in genes and DNA in such a way as to arrest the process of aging. I haven’t thought deeply enough into how the rest of the Pan elements would work into this re-invention. Just throwing it out there.

For you see, I came across an article. It’s about “regions” of DNA in cells called Telomeres. New York-based T.A. Sciences are working on a pill (but of course!) that will prevent the eventual degeneration of Telomeres, which, in turn, will prevent aging and possibly death! Immerse yourself in better stated facts about this amazing (and potentially frightening) development (or lack thereof.)
Anti-ageing Pill Activates Telomerase

Okay, so, is the Neverland really a secret government lab and Peter Pan their greatest success?

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