Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sack FULL of Remakes...

It seems as if every time a movie comes up while talking with Banky and Clara, I unfortunately tell them, “It’s being remade.” It usually elicits eye rolls from them, too.

I just heard a rumor that El Orfanato (The Orphanage) is being redone in English. *eye roll*
In a sea of mediocre to lousy scary movies, The Orphanage is one of the few truly creepy and clever ones. Why risk tainting it by a so-so or terrible remake? (Oh sure, there’s a chance it will be good. But there’s no need for it to even be good when the original is superior to start.)

Another reason it seems to make no sense is: Hasn’t everyone who’s going to see this movie already (in theory) seen it? I mean, it pretty much infiltrated the Hollywood market. Quite publicized, quite popular. Thus, who (in theory) is going to bother to go see a remake? I suppose those who are put off by subtitles. Which, to me, is a shame that people are.

And for anyone who doesn’t already know, The Orphanage is derived from Peter Pan. Writer Sergio G. Sánchez had been so unnerved by the idea/image of a mother waiting desperately at the window for her child(ren) to return. He crafted this cool horror movie around the sad and spooky concept. Notice how many times a window is shown in the flick. That, and the little boy in it is reading Peter Pan. There are a few other more than obvious references as well.

I know I am still haunted by the sack-headed kid.

And no matter how much we complain, the unnecessary remakes will just keep coming…

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