Wednesday, July 29, 2009

If Pan Had Headphones On, He'd Hear...?

I'll let you in on a not so important secret.
Oh boy.

Actually, it is about the boy.
And by the boy I mean Peter Pan.

For what it's worth, here's a behind the scenes glimpse into the writing of Peter Pan's NeverWorld. As with any project, music played while I composed. I recall one song in particular. We can go ahead and use the term "ad nauseum." Especially for the opening scene of novel. The music carried me on the wind throughout the canyons of the Neverland... dipping, darting, hovering, zooming... propelling me into the rest of the story.

I thought perhaps you'd like to hear the song that I still associate with the novel. I can't hear the song and not be on the wind's back in my mind. The song? 'The Celts' by Enya.

Below is the music video. The video had no influence on the book. I had never seen it until hunting the Web for it just now. Also, there are a couple of sound effects added.

I hope you enjoy Enya's composition. It certainly inspired mine.
If you listen, maybe you'll hear the same voice calling "Petey...Peter..." throughout the song.

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