Friday, July 31, 2009

In His Shadow...

Here's another not so important secret for you.

Actually, this one is a little more substantial.
Or rather, it's not.
It’s a shadow.
On the cover of Peter Pan's NeverWorld.
How did I choose it? Where did I find it?
Did I have a model for it?

Well, I didn’t. But someone did. And that someone? Sir J.M. Barrie.
The shadow is created using one of the photographs he took of Michael Llewelyn Davies dressed as Peter Pan. The photos had been for Sir George Frampton as reference for the sculpture in Kensington Gardens. Unlike Frampton, I wound up using them. Not just on the cover, but in the text as well.

What better image to manipulate for the cover of Peter Pan’s NeverWorld than Michael as Pan?

Anyone have a semi-useless tidbit they wish to know?

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