Friday, July 24, 2009

I've Been WONDERING About This One...

Well, kids, and kids at heart, I’m a little late in reporting this one. But the time I usually have allotted for looking such items up have been overrun with other affairs the past few days. (Such as watching Duck Soup in Grant Park.)

The Burton Alice in Wonderland trailer is here!

I’d been on the fence regarding this movie, not knowing if I should be happy or sighing. Especially when the first batch of pictures arrived. It looked both amazing and awful. I knew I’d have to reserve judgment until I saw images in motion. Well, here they are, in motion. And the verdict? No, not "OFF WITH HIS HEAD!" at all. I’m genuinely intrigued. It does in fact seem like it could be a worthy, fresh take on the Alice tales. Naturally, my opinion might change after seeing it… one never knows.

If you’re wondering why I’m not up in arms about wandering so “wrongly” through Wonderland:
Unlike Peter Pan, there have been many film versions. Many of them quite faithful and well done. Since there are as many of them as there are empty seats at the tea table, a new cup of tea can be a welcome change. Also, it’s not meant to be a direct adaptation. And this one just might have something else to say with these characters.

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