Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Malady Might Be Magnificent for Maleficent

Over a year ago news (is it now 'news' or is it 'old news' - oxymoron alert!) came out that a turnabout story of Sleeping Beauty focusing on Maleficent would be coming to the silver screen.

Well, it still is... but it's now lost Tim Burton as its visionary and director.  His other projects have him tied up.  I would imagine so!  Sometimes it seems every time you turn around, Depp and Burton are involved with a new project and often together.  It's no wonder he doesn't have time for it.

When I read it, I called out "Oh no!"  But the more I think on it, this turn of events could be good for the bad fairy.  Maleficent is the kind of material that Burton's fun nightmarish style might oversaturate.  Maybe so hot off the heels of Alice in Wonderland he himself would loose steam with the fairy tale genre.  Maybe not.  Either way, I am welcoming another visionary.  The word is that David Yates who helmed the last three famed boy wizard movies will take the reigns.  The spell is not yet cast, though.

I also felt much better when Bart reminded me that the script is still by Linda Woolverton.  And that's what sold me on the movie in the first place.  It's a chance to bring a fantastic fresh look at her work, which I've come to love.  I'm looking forward to seeing her strong, powerful yet feminine touch brought to the Mistress of All Evil.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not looking forward to this movie, I love Maleficent as the awe-inspiring mistress of all evil, dont really want to see a more sympathetic take on her