Tuesday, May 24, 2011

HAD BEEN Working On It, Am Again

Well, today Andrea Jones asked about the progress on Peter Pan: Betwixt-and-Between.  She also typed to me that she's been "talking it up."  How very wonderful of her!  Thanks, Andrea!

I've recently been emailing with a fan who's delighted to have found someone so obsessed with Peter Pan.   The eagerness to read the interquel leaps from the typing.

Anon* has been curious about the progress, too, I believe.
Well then!  I suppose I should really get on that, eh?  I've checked a little into how best to make it available... and decided I needed to have a concrete page count and such.  And there's no way of knowing that until I finish with the revisions.  Which, I admit, I put on a backburner.

Well, I'm firing it up again.  In fact, I began this very night.  I chose to tackle the easier of the suggestions made by Andrea.  She noticed an over-use of the word combination "had been."  So  I looked.  I figured it would be a good way to wade back into it.  She'd been right.  63 instances.  Some places just needed a good tweaking, some written over with extra Barriesque comedy and some just plain thrown out.  Well, it's now down to 14.

So it's on to the other reworking...
I'll of course keep you posted.
For it seems as if there are some people waiting to read this novel!

*Barrie enthusiast and my faithful reader and #1 fan

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Anon said...

I have been, yes.

There are indeed, and I'm one of them, since I haven't read the final version yet!