Thursday, March 31, 2016

Welcome to WOLVERTON!

Hey there!

Yes, I'm still around.  What I posted last time about disenchantment and such holds true.

But I'm back for a moment to let you know of my latest project.

Long story short, throughout my life I've drawn these little werewolves off and on.  I've made sculptures of them, too.  Cut to sort of recently - my darling wanted to see more.  So I began drawing them once again.  Because I guess I'm prone to storymaking, I "heard" conversations going on among the werewolves depicted.  Next thing I knew, I'm making a webcomic.

My werewolves are like regular folk, doing regular things - although in wolf form.  I figure if there actually were lycanthropes in the world, not all of them would be menacing and vicious.  There's bound to be some who just like hanging out, as wolves.  And these like-minded and sociable werewolves live in and run the town called Wolverton.

Wolverton is an ongoing narrative webcomic which updates Wednesdays.  So I hope you'll visit, and check in each week to see what the 'wolves are doing.  And if you like it, please share it!


You can find it here:  Wolverton
 Also on Tapastic: Wolverton on Tapastic


*P.S. - Yes, I've still got novels churning in my mind, too.