Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Post Posting Blues

Yes, I am still alive.
Yes, I am still working on the same projects.
So why have I been absent?
It became rather a downer to post.  It seems that all I'd been doing is ranting about something or other and why it does or does not bother me.  I don't see the need to berate online anymore, I suppose.  And even when I praised, it would seem to lose luster or turn against me.  For instance, I'd had a post about the MTV series Teen Wolf.  I honestly thought that, as a re-imagining of the 1985 movie (which I saw in the theater at original release, for the record) had been clever, fun and engaging.  It captured the original in many direct as well as subtle ways.  A grand homage while still being a fresh take on it.  Anyway, the second season of it, my friend Buttercup and I quickly frowned.  It veered so far from the elements that made it compelling so as to be intolerable.  We stopped tuning in, and it left me nigh embarrassed to even have posted praise in the first place.  The post no longer exists.  It must somewhere in the Internet, sure. 

Yes, I know rants are a large part of the reason for blogging.  But the point is, that for good or ill, the bitching or showering of accolades doesn't have the same appeal.  Especially when it backfires, for lack of a better term.  Does it mean I'll never review anything ever again?  Well, "never" only works for Peter Pan.  Does it negate the merits of the first season (in the case of Teen Wolf for example) so as to not warrant the review?  No, of course not.  I just have a particular fondness for werewolves and the 1985 film. (I'd been in high school, okay?)  Had a moment of werewolf-like slashing there.

And as for Peter Pan?  Sure, there's been plenty that's come to the window.  But again, given my good-intentioned (or wildly obsessive, take your pick) purist nature regarding the eternal boy of Barrie... well, all it ever winds up is as another rant on the contradictive elements.  Which most times are immediately evident.  So do I draw attention to the works that, in my opinion [and some others I know], ignore the sanctity of literature?  At the very least it's disrespect of a fellow artist, not to mention a renowned one.   Not sure if I should or not.

What I do know is it always makes me sad.  And it reads as nothing but hateful.

So, to sum up, I tend to always have to remind myself of a quote from one of my favorite films L.A.Story:
I don't think you realize how unattractive hate is. - Harris K. Telemacher

Yes, I will still write posts.  Things are bound to come up that are worth mentioning. Personally I like finding obscurities, sharing new perspectives or analyzing Barrie's boy the best.  When such gems come my way, I'll post.

Oh - if you're wondering:  No, I do not watch Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.  Honestly?  Simply?  It didn't seem my cup of tea for Alice adventures.  And yes, yes I did watch the past season of Once Upon a Time which took place nearly entirely in the Neverland.  Did I like it?  I bet you can guess.  The answer is 'yes & no.'  Again, it's a re-working of it, so it took liberties.  Given that freedom to reinvent, it had good form and bad form.  All in all, it worked well.  I intend to write more.  Maybe I'll post a rant.