Thursday, September 4, 2008

Heroes of Writing

I'm re-watching Seasons 1 & 2 of Heroes before the big day of its return.

I've learned three things, not in order of importance:

1) It really is a damn good show. I take off the hat I used to wear all the time to the writers. Each scene is crafted beautifully...allowing for both important content and "throw away" entertainment. I wonder if I'd be able to compact story chunks like that episodically. Then I tell myself, Yes, I do that with book chapters. Still, I think it would require a certain amount of extra skill. And then to collaborate with other writers the way they do! It seems writers each take control of a character/arc...and check in with creator Tim Kring who has the final nudges and say.

2) My memory worries me. I forgot SO much.

3) Case in point. I've forgotten #3.

Looking forward to Heroes: Villains

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Danielle Filas said...

You know... they say the second thing to go is memory.
I can't remember the first.