Sunday, September 5, 2010

Page 326

Waiting for something to load, I picked up my 'baby name book' which I have, of course, to consult for character names.  I opened a page at random and landed on the name Lindford, an Old English place name meaning "Linden tree ford" or "flax ford."  Yeah, okay, so what?  Well, I worked my way down the page, stopping to read about the name Linus and glad for the Peanuts mention, nodded at the not-so-suprising notion that Lionel means "young lion"... and then what do I see?  Llewellyn.  As in Llewellyn Davies, the "adopted family" of Sir J.M. Barrie.

I love "coincindences."

By the way, according to my book there's some discrepency over the meaning of Llewellyn.  Apparently it's "resembling a lion" but another school of thought akins it to "leader."  In either case, the name is of Welsh origin.


Anon said...

Those two definitions seem related to me....

Peter Von Brown said...

I thought so, too.