Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Brunch of Fun

Ever read a book, love it, have so much to say about it, have some questions and wish you could sit down with the author to chat about it? Well, my friend Buttercup did - and also had the chance to play it out as such over brunch. Okay, granted, the author is me, so it's not all that exciting.

But to me it is. I mean, who doesn't want to hear that their work is appreciated, mulled over and evoked genuine feelings? Not only those aspects, but I really love experiencing my books vicariously through someone else. (See this post.)

And so, last Saturday Buttercup and I met at the Heartland CafĂ© (which is near to her) and sat down to brunch (as the jacket cover of the flap of the hardcover of Peter Pan's NeverWorld will tell you I love to do) and discussed What If It's a Trick Question? We had a lovely time and each of us were able to gain new insights into the tale. She marveled at how it really, as she said, just keeps unfolding. I told her of the sequel (which I hadn't originally planned on writing) as well as its "companion" books that I'll probably be doing as well. She knew of the companion books already, actually. But I’d been eager to tell her of the next book for quite some time but naturally I had to wait until she finished.

All in all, I really enjoy answering questions and hearing about how my work has affected others. Should time and such permit, I’d love to be able to offer a “Brunch with the Author” by way of, who knows, a contest or something?

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