Saturday, September 18, 2010

Closing the Window on the Drafts

All righty.

I’m done with the run-through after the
Peter Pan: Betwixt-and-Between revisions.

It wound up with quite a few more changes.  And I’m rather happy besides those, since I ran across the very type of glitch I thought I might. I had a bit of detail leftover from the previous incarnation that would have read as an incongruity with the rest of the story as it now stands.

The word count is now 50,063. If you do the math, that’s 36 words cut from last time. But that’s not really the truth. Fact is I cut a great deal more than that, nearly going below the 50,000 mark. GASP! I think the lowest number had been 18 (over).  But you see, I added quite a bit, too, going all the way back up to 83 or so.  So it fluctuated immensely as I went along.  Call me banal, but I found it interesting watching the tally go up and down.

I also caught a couple of neat references/parallels to Barrie’s Peter and Wendy that I didn’t notice before. Some of what I took out had been direct references, actually. I realized that a few of them probably did more harm than good in the sense that they wound up undermining the joy of discovering them when reading the well-known story. (Especially if reading the Peter Pan story from the beginning!) There are still some overt mentions here and there, but not without cause.

As before, I’m pleased with the overall result. Like I had said, it’s a smoother and more satisfying piece.

And now... I shall send it along to Andrea Jones. Will she run it up her flagpole and salute it?


Anon said...

Congratulations! ^_^ Hope she does!

Peter Von Brown said...

I bet you're curious what "direct references" I removed. ;)

Anon said...

You know me too well. :P