Sunday, September 12, 2010

99 Pages Off a Done Man's Chest

Well, just moments ago I put the last word into Peter Pan: Betwixt and-Between.  Yes, it's now finished for the second time.  Hosah.

I'm quite glad of the revision, for it's definitely a smoother and more engaging book than its previous incarnation.  A little of the credit goes to the characters.  When called upon, they really came through for me.  A lot of credit goes to Anon, who showed me the turbulences along with heaps of encouragement.  Toward the end of the process a scene greatly improved because I tinkered it out with Anon via email.  (I shared it as per it containing the result of a particular good suggestion.)  Much must go to Barrie and a bit to James Fenimore Cooper.   And lastly, I suppose, to whatever it is that makes me write.

The second word tally is one shy of ending in a 100.  It just qualifies for a novel at 50,099.  Not that it should be ascribed any sort of significance, but I cannot help but think of the upcomming centennial of the publication Peter and Wendy.  It's just one year away and here I am one word shy of 100.

I shall, naturally, read it through as a whole again.  Especially since I tinkered around in the middle bits here and there after the revise-through.

And then (as you probably know by now) it's off to Andrea Jones, author of Hook & Jill.  I'm looking forward to her critique of it.  She has such a wonderful perspective, approach and understanding of Barrie's world and I'm eager to share what I have wrought with the pieces of imagination I had available.

Then what happens?  Que sera sera.

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Anon said...

Congratulations! :D Glad I was able to help! Hope Andrea enjoys it!